Publish Date: 22 May 2017

Parliament Legal Database

On Friday 19 May 2017 the Namibian Parliament officially launched the Parliament Legal Database, which is aimed at providing Namibian Citizens with direct access to all pre- and post- independence annotated laws as well as post-independence regulations.

The Namibian Parliament, in collaboration with the National Planning Commission and the Delegation of the European Union of the Republic of Namibia implemented a five-year Parliamentary Support Programme (PSP) during 2012 – 2017, funded by the 10th European Development Fund and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Transtec Project Management.

The Parliamentary Support Programme (PSP) supervised the five year project during which all pre- and post- independence annotated laws as well as post-independence regulations were updated by the Legal Assistance Centre in Namibia and various other consultants.

After the annotation of these somewhat 8,000 + documents an Online Tool was required providing visitors with the ability to search through thousands of legal documents to find a single law or regulation, this project was awarded to iWits in 2016.

While the development of the project did not come without its own problems, especially since the content of various sized PDF/Word documents should be uploaded, indexed and available to be found via search. A custom developed Content Management System (CMS) was used to allow Parliament to manage the laws, regulations, and Gazettes in-house via the CMS.

Each time a document is uploaded, the contents of the document is scanned and stored allowing for the search to find the correct document based on most popular keywords used throughout the document.

It was truly an honor for the iWits team to work so closely with the Namibian Parliament, National Planning Commission and the Parliamentary Support Programme (PSP) to get to realise the main objective of the five year programme by making all annotated laws and regulations easily available online.

Head down to to play around on the portal and find the legal document you’ve always been looking for.

Parliament Legal Database