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Website Design and Development

Almost anybody can setup a website today – what makes us different is the mere fact that we do not simply create websites – we build strategic and engaging online presences that instantly reinforce your credibility and brand online.

Web Development and Design

iWits specialises in creating unique, high-end websites which go beyond beautiful imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where we believe good design should solve problems and position a brand so it stands out from the crowd.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the latest web standards and technologies, thus we are well versed to create a custom website that not only showcases your unique capabilities, but also ensures that your website appeals to your target audience and Google.

Understanding your Business

Understanding your Business

"Great Developers solve problems you didn’t know you had in the first place." - iWits

Keeping this philosophy in mind, iWits uses the first consultation meeting to ask as many questions about your business as possible, this is not because we are nosy; this is to ensure that we have all the information before tackling a project.

The better we understand the business the easier it is for us to solve those problems you were not aware of by recommending Digital Solutions that suit the exact needs of your business.

After we’ve gathered as much information as possible about your business, we convert the information into a solution and then into a quote.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX)

A website is so much more than pretty imagery and colours, a website is an Online Experience. The very second someone opens up your website, on their phone or computer; they are immediately judging your business. If your website looks unprofessional or is slow to load, it is likely people will think your business is unprofessional or slow.

Thus it is of utmost importance to ensure that your website does not only look stunning, but also creates the right User Experience. By the time a visitor leaves your website they should not only understand what products and services you offer, but also be excited to work with you and the business.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) refers to an online solution which allows website owners to maintain and update the content displayed on their website in-house. At iWits, we understand how time consuming and frustrating content management can be for our clients, thus we have developed a custom CMS that allows our clients to easily and seamlessly update the content of their website.

In addition to this, the iWits CMS has some powerful built-in tools such as a form tracker, which tracks the number of forms received via the website. This sort of data can be used to calculate the Return on Investment of the website and help you shape the future of your business.

Ask us about all the features available on the iWits CMS.

Other Web-Based Services

Other Web-Based Services

The Internet is a large platform with multiple Digital opportunities, thus we do not limit our services to websites only. At iWits we have the skills to assist our clients with a range of web-related projects, from a basic website to a complex phone app.

Thus, if you have a specific project that you would like us to assist you with, but cannot find it amongst our Digital Solutions, simply pop us an email explaining the request and we can determine how we can best help you with your request.

If it’s online, we can do it!

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

At iWits we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best personalised service possible, thus we take great measures to ensure that we respond to all enquiries in a timely fashion.

Great service starts with communication. There is nothing worse than sending an enquiry to a Digital Agency only to receive a response a week later, thus we promise to send our clients a response explaining when the request will be processed, within less 24 working hours after receiving it.

In addition to this, where possible all enquiries are processed within 48 working hours after receiving the request and if this is not possible we communicate the proposed timeframes and deadline the request will be dealt with.

iWits Family

Our clients are so special to us that we consider them as part of the Family. If you are interested to find out what we’ve done for our clients, use the slider below and click on a client logo for more information.

Auas Hills Dental
Namib Mills
Nexus Group
Hollard Value Added Products (VAPS)
Shamentu River Lodge & Campsite
Ohorongo Cement
Parliament Legal Database
Waltons Namibia
Peralin Paints
Corridor Logistics
Advantage Y&R
Record Information Management [RIM]
LifeStyle Pharmacy
Namibian Dental Association
Namibia Trade Information Portal
Dirk Mudge Trust
Ietsiemeer Beach House
Hotel Thule
Brits Audiology
Okatore Lodge
Pupkewitz Motor Division
99FM Namibia
DreamScape Safaris Namibia
E-Med Rescue 24
Sunstar Diamonds
Oshikati Pharmacy
Specialist Administration Services
Agricultural Trade Forum (ATF)
Just Holidays
Calabash Guided 4x4 Safaris
Namibian Agronomic Board (NAB)
Ohlthaver & List
Ohorongo Cement
Agra Limited
Namibia Health Plan (NHP)
MTB Festival
Nature Travel Namibia
Africa Safari Lodge

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