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Online Advertising

Why pay per column when you can pay per lead? Online Advertising is a powerful Online Marketing method that allows businesses to build stronger brands, connect with customers, and increase leads and website traffic – best of all it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Online Advertising

Adverting (off- and online) seek to target the right product to the right audience at the right time, this goals tends to be rather difficult in terms of traditional print advertising; however with Online Advertising this is exactly what your adverts do.

Instead of blindly advertising to the masses, Online Advertising allows you the option to directly communicate to your prospective customers while they are browsing the Internet.

Increase your Advert Reach

Increase your Advert Reach

Increase your advert reach with Online Advertising. Instead of placing a single advert in a local newspaper or magazine for one day, why not rather place a single advert online that is displayed directly to your target audience for 28 days!

You no longer have to wait for your customers to pick up a copy of the newspaper or magazine you are advertising in, instead target them while they are in their homes surfing the web.

While your customers are visiting popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, BBC, and many more they could be seeing your advert right now!

Affordable Advertising

Affordable Advertising

One of the largest downsides to traditional print advertising is the high costs involved; however this not the case with Online Advertising.

For less than N$ 3,000.00 you can advertise to your target audience online for 7 days. That one advert will not only be displayed for 7 days on a range of websites (platforms), but it will also be displayed on multiple devices.

Stop Advertising in one or two local newspapers and start Advertising on Multiple Platforms and Devices.

See Results

See Results

With traditional Print Advertising you never truly know if your advert was a success or not. Online Advertising, on the other hand, strives on data.

At iWits, we can provide you with detailed information about the performance of your advert as well as determine the overall success of the campaign.

In addition to this we can help you calculate your Return on Investment per advert, ensuring that you no longer waste money on advertising - that doesn’t work for you.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

At iWits we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best personalised service possible, thus we take great measures to ensure that we respond to all enquiries in a timely fashion.

Great service starts with communication. There is nothing worse than sending an enquiry to a Digital Agency only to receive a response a week later, thus we promise to send our clients a response explaining when the request will be processed, within less 24 working hours after receiving it.

In addition to this, where possible all enquiries are processed within 48 working hours after receiving the request and if this is not possible we communicate the proposed timeframes and deadline the request will be dealt with.

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