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Waltons Namibia

Waltons Namibia approached iWits in 2016 to assist with the design and development of a fully-functional e-Commerce website. While the main aim of the new Waltons Namibia online presence was to provide visitors with the opportunity to view and purchase all products online, this aim came with its own set of challenges.
One of the first challenges was the fast volume of products available at Waltons Namibia, thus keeping the products, stock availability and pricing on the website up-to-date manually would be a nightmare. Thus, a custom developed solution was created specifically to solve this problem.

During the day, nationwide branches makes use of the well-known POS system. Each night, at a specific time, the Internal Waltons system is updated with the new stock availabilities and other information. Upon completion, a custom developed script ensures that the information from the Waltons Internal system is automatically “pushed” to the website, ensuring that the product information on the website is updated on a regular basis.

Another challenge was the concept of online payments in Namibia, while online payments are widely used throughout the world Namibia still faces many challenges in this regard. In addition to the, there is a large percentage of our population that do not yet feel comfortable with online transactions and purchases, thus an alternative solution was required to ensure that an e-Commerce could be possible.

In place of a full-payment driven e-Commerce website, a Click-and-Collect concept was implemented. This concept allows visitors to order products online, as soon as the request is received by Waltons the clients is issued with an Invoice and upon payment (EFT) the products are delivered to the client.

In addition to the various custom-programmed scripts, the Waltons Namibia website also makes use of the iWits Proprietary Content Management System (CMS) allowing the content, images and documents on the website to be managed in-house.

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