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Namibia Health Plan (NHP)

Namibia Health Plan (NHP) approached iWits in 2013 requesting assistance with the conceptualization, design and development of a new Online Presence that not only provides potential- and existing- clients with useful information and tools, but that also sets a trend for Online Presences in the medical aid industry.

At the time more than 60% of Namibian online users were making use of Featured Phones to access the Internet, thus the NHP website was one of the only websites to accommodate for Featured Phone users. The website could be accessed via Desktop, Smartphones, Tablets, and Featured Phones – covering 100% of the countries online population.

In addition to the wide compatibility of the website, contains a range of calculators and tools that make medical research a lot easier. The website includes a Benefits Calculator which allows visitors to view the detailed Benefits of each option, a Contribution Calculator allowing visitors to calculator their contributions based on age and number of dependents.

A Help me choose tool was included to assist potential customers to select the tool that would best suit their family health needs and a Comparison Tool which allows customers to compare option benefits with one another. 

Client review

" I am pleased to confirm that iWits impressed us right from the outset with the quality of their technical presentation right up to the moment they delivered the project on time and within budget. Their team was involved right from the outset in terms of the scoping of the project, providing the webpage layout, project timelines and contracting. We were provided with regular progress reports in terms of the deadlines. They were good at guiding us in terms of the newest trends with regards to website design and hosting. Their project management skills are very good and we were on-time with all phases of the project including concept design, beta testing final changes and project sign-off of delivery and going live with the website. iWits delivered an exceptional product at a realistic price. They are passionate about what they do and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. They developed a partnership in developing our webpage and for that we are very appreciative. " - Ronnie Skolnic

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