Transform your everyday emails into a powerful marketing channel.

It has been found that about 85% of business communication occurs via email. That is a large digital footprint made by one single company, small or large. If the average employee sends about 1,000 emails per day that is a lot of lost marketing opportunities right there.

iWitsMail (powered by Rocketseed)
iWitsMail (powered by Rocketseed)

Until recently businesses have used a range of different methods to utilise their emails for marketing purposes, yet most of these methods have major drawbacks.

For example if an image of a product is placed in an email there is no way to tell if the recipient was interested in the product. If a link is placed on the image there is no way to tell if the recipient clicked on the link. In addition to this, each employee’s signature needs to be created individually and placed on their email clients.

Imagine if you could receive an alert every time a recipient clicks on a link placed in an email. Now that you know the recipient is interested in the product you can pick the phone and make the hard sale.

This has not been possible until recently. iWitsMail powered by Rocketseed’s everyday marketing software solution provides powerful analytical information allowing business owners to communicate with existing and prospective clients, while enhancing their company brands and best of all tracking their marketing efforts.

Transform your emails today!
Transform your emails today!

iWitsMail can transform your everyday emails to do the following:

  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Increase your Social Media audience;
  • Advertise special promotions, price changes, product or service releases, or even provide a link to your monthly newsletter;
  • You receive email notification alerts every time someone clicks on a banner or link;
  • Standardise each and every email signature ensuring that each email enhances your company brand;
  • Create a database of all client emails allowing you to send out monthly emails.

These are but a few benefits that can come from iWitsMail and the best part of it all it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For up to N$ 65.00 per month you can convert each email sent from your business into a powerful marketing message.

For more information contact us or visit our email marketing solutions page.

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