Text Control - digital mobile communication and the impact on domestic relationships

Text messages are being used by abusers to track and constrain the behavior of their partners, and that technological surveillance is prevalent in relationships between young people which is identified and defined as Text Control.

Text Control
Text Control

This E-book presents a qualitative research study examining the use of short message service (SMS) also known as text messages and their effect on domestic relationships.

It focuses on three features: evolution cell phone texting, social attachment, and the facilitation of ‘inappropriate behavior’ by the explicit usage of text messages to control intimate partners. The study consisted of two phases: a survey with 545 college student participants and thirteen interviews from self identified victims of domestic abuse.

Results confirmed the stronger the social attachment to digital mobile communication (cell phones) the more likely respondents experienced ‘text control’ from their partners.

In conclusion the new phenomenon labeled “text control” is not overly surprising within domestic abuse relationships of younger respondents; however the growing popularity of ‘texting’ has overwhelming potential to become a mechanism for harassment within a variety of relationships and within business and college communities.

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