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Social Media and your employment

An innocent night out with your buddies might cost you your next six-figure salary…

Social Media and your employment
Social Media and your employment

For years people have been treating the internet and real life like two different worlds, thinking that what is said and done online will remain online with no effect on their real lives.

However we all see the Facebook posts about couples breaking up over a Facebook post, or a child finding out their mother/father started dating again via Facebook. Some stories are funnier than others – but we still think that it will not happen to us!

You might be right in saying that your girlfriend or boyfriend will never leave you about your ancient Facebook posts, but your next employer might decide not to hire you because of those ancient posts.

A woman in Phoenix got fired a few years ago because of, what seemed to be, an innocent rant on Facebook. “I wish I could get fired some days, it would be easier to be at home than to have to go through this.” Surprise, surprise she was fired the very next day.

Another case was 15 gold miners from Australia who got fired because of their half-minute fame on the internet doing the Harlem Shake!

We’re not saying that all these cases where fair dismissal, but so many companies today use the internet to research potential employees and for many it is working.

Have a look at the info-graphic below depicting how companies use the internet today to assist with their recruitment process.

Social Media for Recruitment - Infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

What can you do?

Think before you ink! It might not seem relevant in our current day and age, but think about the consequences of each and every post or comments left online. In all fairness it is a lot harder than most think, but once you get into the habit it will become part of your everyday online interactions.

Think before you:

  • Post an half naked photo of yourself online;
  • Opening confess to piracy or other crimes;
  • Post a racial slur because it seems funny at the time;
  • Rant about your current employer or colleagues;
  • Verbally attack a friend or random persons comment of post online;
  • Confess to doing drugs or being an alcoholic;
  • Before you post last Friday’s night out with your friends;
  • You do anything online – and always remember that nothing is truly ever private!

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