Significant social media platforms for customer care

Social media is widely used as a platform that enables customers to communicate with their desired brands. Most customers have been found to use social media as the main means of communication with various brands. They can air their grievances, make orders, give reviews and so much more and get their responses in a matter of minutes. Below are some of the common social media sites that brands use for customer care.

Social Media Customer Care
Social Media Customer Care


Statistics show that most adults prefer to use Facebook. 79% of adults who use the internet are Facebook users. Out of these users, 83% of female users and 75% of males are adopters. On average, brands receive 39 messages out of 1000 users every month. Some of these brands include Nike and Sony. That shows that the queries substitute for 40.7%. Most businesses, however, have a response rate of 50.7% on Facebook to their clients.


This is a widely used platform. According to Website Builders, 80% of social customer care services are from twitter. The number of queries approximated to be from twitter approximate to 59.3% and the response rate is 40.3%. On average, brands receive 60 messages from Twitter per 1000 users. Some of the famous brands include Amazon and Tesco.


Instagram is becoming more popular than it was a few years back. The follower rate of Instagram users for brands is 58 times more than that of Facebook. It is also 120 times more than that of Twitter. Some of the top brands receive an average of about 216 comments on their posts on Instagram. Examples of the top brands that use Instagram include Sephora and Starbucks.


This is becoming a popular site that businesses are using for customer care. In America alone, more than 85% of individuals between the age of 13 and 34 are Snapchat users. Brands can use the platform to show how various products are used using live videos. The number of business that is using this strategy has increased by 400% from 2015. In 2016, Birchbox tried testing the Snapchat’s phone call feature and it received over thirty calls in an hour. Examples of famous brands that continue to use this app include McDonald’s and Cisco.


Psychology has shown that 65% of individuals are visual learners. That is why many people love Pinterest. According to statistics, 83% of its users prefer to follow a brand instead of a celebrity. Most of the users use their mobile devices. In fact, 75% of usage is on mobile devices. From 2014-2015 93% of pinners shopped online. Currently, there are about 150 million active pinners globally. Some of the brands that actively use Pinterest include Whole Foods and Burberry.

Most brands have turned to social media as a means of promoting their products. They are becoming popular and efficient ways of advertising.

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