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Multiple Twitter accounts using one Gmail e-mail address

Wouldn’t it be amazing to register two different Twitter accounts using the same e-mail address? This means you log onto one e-mail account to manage both Twitter accounts, the convenience!

How does Gmail react to symbols?
How does Gmail react to symbols?

We have great news – this is possible, but only with a Gmail e-mail address. Gmail reacts to symbols much differently than the average social media platform, which is good news for its users and for those who needs more than one social media profile.

How does Gmail react to symbols?

Before jumping the gun and creating multiple Twitter accounts, it is important that you understand how Gmail sees symbols and how the react to it. In a nutshell they don’t care! Yip, Gmail does not care if your email is sent to or to them both are the same. You can receive e-mails to both and and both e-mails will reach the same inbox!

How to create multiple Twitter accounts?
How to create multiple Twitter accounts?

How to create multiple Twitter accounts?

Now that you understand how Gmail reacts to symbols we can move on to Twitter (and Facebook). Twitter has no way to detect if is the same as this means that Twitter sees these two e-mails addresses as two different addresses. This means that you can create a Twitter account with for your personal account and create another Twitter account with for your business account.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. To register for multiple Twitter accounts you simply need to either remove the symbol that is already in your Gmail e-mail address or add a symbol to the e-mail address if there isn’t one. Another handy trick is the + sign – what? If you run out of symbols to remove from your e-mail address you can simply add a + sign to the address. For example if you want to register for a Twitter account and have no symbols to remove you can simply add “+ something” behind your username and before the like this Again, Twitter will see this as a different e-mail address, but Gmail will see it as the same e-mail address sending all of the notifications to one account.

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