Concept of Mobile Device Integration in Current Travel and Tourism Industry

Mobile and web application world is emerging very fast and in a couple of years will have a significant value in the market share, maybe even surpassing the use of desktop applications. This will have a huge impact in every area of economy, technology and service industry.

Concept of Mobile Device Integration
Concept of Mobile Device Integration

Since the end of the last century, technological advancements have changed the face of the world. Internet has had an impact on every part of society, and has changed it from its roots.

The next step in the technological evolution is mobility, creating a huge leap in possibilities, but also in demands. People demand more for their money in every aspect of their lives. The same trend is also visible in tourist and travel industry.

Customers demand more personalized content and are not afraid to Protest if they do not get what they want. Mobile applications could hold the answer to this problem. The downloadable E-book discusses the potential use of currently available technology and concepts used in developing mobile applications and their impact on different potential customer groups in the field of tourism and traveling.

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