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About Us

iWits is a full service creative Digital Agency with a mission to build brand awareness and profit for Your company. We care, we really do, which is part of what makes us great!

About iWits

We are small, but only in numbers, we think big and act based on International Industry related standards.

iWits is the realisation of a dream shared amongst highly passionate individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a curiosity for innovation. The team at iWits will forever be persistent in discovering new innovative ways to drive brands and consumers forward.

From simple logo designs to working prototypes, we are always exploring what could be, so we can start making it a reality today!

Honestly, Transparency, Consistency, and Quality are but a few of the core values that iWits is based on, which proves to be easy as we require our team to be passionate about what they do.

Our Approach

Our Approach

When working on a project, whether it a simple logo design or a complex website development, we always take the same approach – the User Experience (UX) Approach – ensuring that both you and your target audience receives the best user experience, both off- and online.

In addition to this, we approach every clients’ business as it were our own. We spend countless of hours getting to know you, your business, your brand and your audience – ensuring that we provide your business, your brand and your audience with the best possible Digital Solutions.

Our commitment to excellence has encouraged us to push boundaries, challenge ideas and make Digital work harder for your business.

iWits Management

Meet our extremely friendly and passionate managers (yes they do exist), so you know who you are working with! Feel free to follow our managers on their preferred Social Networks.

Yolinda van der Linde

Yolinda van der Linde

I started my career as a Graphic Designer working for a (what was then small) Advertising Agency, working my way up to a Project Manager of one of the first custom Web Development firms of its time. While some may think things came easy to me in life – it did not – I was driven from the day I left school. My main aim was to soak up as much information and guidance as possible, in order to open up my own web development company one day.

In my last job interview I was asked the typical question, where do you see yourself in 5 years? I smiled at the manager and answered – "In your chair."

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Rudi Esterhuysen

Rudi Esterhuysen

Growing up in a small town there was little to do and since I am not your ordinary jock-like guy, I quickly became board. Until one day, my father brought back a box with a screen. Not knowing what it is I quickly leaped at every chance I got to poke and prod this odd shaped thing that plugs into the wall like a toaster - I was 8.

After finding my way around a computer, I pushed myself on a daily basis. While my peers were socialising and enjoying time outside in the sun, I stayed in-front of the computer. By 16 I developed my very first website, after realising the power of development I kept on searching for new and improved ways to solve problems - both on and off screen.

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