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    The most important thing I have learned in life, as a coder, was to solve problems beyond my Computer screen.

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About me.

Growing up in a small town there was little to do and since I am not your ordinary jock-like guy, I quickly became board. Until one day, my father brought back a box with a screen. Not knowing what it is I quickly leaped at every chance I got to poke and prod this odd shaped thing that plugs into the wall like a toaster - I was 8.

After finding my way around a computer, I pushed myself on a daily basis. While my peers were socialising and enjoying time outside in the sun, I stayed in-front of the computer. By 16 I developed my very first website, after realising the power of development I kept on searching for new and improved ways to solve problems - both on and off screen.

While I started my career in the Media Industry working for Namibia's largest Media Company NMH (Namibia Media Holdings) I quickly climbed the corporate ladder to becoming the Digital Media Manager, making me the youngest manager in the group (at the time).

In 2013 my partner, Yolinda van der Linde, and I started iWits - where we provide our clients with Custom Programmed Solutions to streamline their business processes.

My Featured Projects.

In my time as both a Graphic Designer and Programmer I have worked on numerous projects and with various clients, far too many to list on this website. So, in the interest of keeping things short I have formulated a list of projects which I feel best present my problem solving and development skills the best. Click on a link below for more information about the project.

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Featured Skills.

Thanks to amazing mentors, ample life experience, a great partner and a "can-do" attitude I've racked up quite a set of skills. The skills below are, however, the one's I am the most proud of and consider my top skills.

Information Automation.

Those who know me would tell you that I love information, and the more automated that information can become the better the information. I've seen my fair share of "bad" information automation integration - and with the years I've worked on fixing and streamlining these failed processes.

Since realising need for automated information I've helped NMH automating content from the newspaper to the website. I also assisted in the automation planning to automate communication between Waltons POS and website.

Technical Concepts.

While I have worked on a range of Custom Programmed Solutions, the one thing that remained true throughout was the need for both functional and technical specifications.

I have seen the dark-side of a project that was done without proper technical specifications and I have seen the light-side thereof.

When presented with the option, I always choose specifications. I strongly believe that the more detailed and exact the specifications, the more likely the project are to succeed and satisfy client needs.

UX & UI Design & Development.

There are many people who can create pretty things. There is an entire term dedicated to it - it's called art.

It is one thing to create something pretty it is an entirely different thing to create an appealing and user friendly online presence, louring visitors into an online presence.

All my designs are aimed to create the ultimate User Experience (UX) online, offering clients exactly what they need, when they need it and where they expect to find it - anticipating their needs before they realise what they are.

Employee Management.

When first presented with the opportunity to manage a team, at NMH, I must admit I made several mistakes. Managing a team was not a skill that came naturally to me; however with determination and a lot of passion I managed to turn a flaw in my skill set to one of my greatest assets.

I strive to pull groups of programmers together to produce greatness, while I may be hard om my team in terms of standards, security and quality I only do it because I want to see not only the company succeed but also each and every team member individually.

I strongly believe that there is no "I" in team!

Digital Marketing & Advertising.

Even with years of experience in the Print Media Industry, there was one concept I could never wrap my head around. Advertising and marketing without any tracking, how does that work.

While working as the Digital Media Manager at NMH, I completed a course in South Africa specialising in Digital Advertising. After completing the course I took my development, data tracking and digital advertising skills and merged them into one product offering.

Today, I help iWits offer a specialised Digital Marketing & Advertising product in which we provide our clients with guaranteed results, by means of data tracking and reporting.

Data Analysis.

Data Analysis is not a skill that can (or should) stand on its own. My thrust for data is what has driven me towards success in each and everything that I do.

I believe that if you are able to collect, read, and interpret data you will not only succeed in your professional life, but your private life as well. Everything around us is based on data; it is merely how we process that data that differs.

The one thing that I love most about Data Analysis, is physically seeing the ideas and possibilities that could help improve business processes and procedures, not only streamlining production but resulting in profit increases.

My Insights on iWits.

I regularly write articles for the iWits Insight section. In which I share ideas, solutions or anything related to Digital. Below are the four latest articles I published on iWits.

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